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I am in support of directly electing our Mayor in lieu of them be selected by "the majority" of 7 individuals, Council Members, with every 2-year election cycle.  (I am opposed to what is, in essence, an electoral college in general.) Hearing why someone wants the job and being able to choose them and their vision as the leader of our city at the ballot box is vital for understanding how actions moving forward will likely take place.  It will also provide for some stability for at least 4 years so serious community engagement can occur and major projects be completed.  It will remove the continual need for political manuevering within Council for, at least, this one very significant element.  

The position of Mayor is also the "face and voice" of our community.  They engage with us, other communities, the State, and beyond for issues of concern to residents and stakeholders of Loveland.  The person in this position sets the tone of how Council business is conducted.  Knowing how an individual engages with others will be better witnessed if those running for this office are doing so transparently and are participating in "town hall", meet-and-greet, etc. discussions with Loveland voters before, during, and after elections.

----- Diane Powers, resident  

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