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OCTOBER 10, 2017.

(Go to State link above.)

In mid-2017, a movement by citizens and stakeholders of Loveland, OH arose to secure the right for voters to choose at the ballot box the opportunity to directly elect the City Mayor and apply Term Limits to elected Officials.   Much discussion was had and individuals stepped up to form a Loveland Citizens Charter Committee including:

  • Jeff Blust
  • Tim Canada
  • Winnie Eckhoff
  • Ron Patterson
  • Diane Powers

Many stakeholders and residents have voiced their desire to see the 2017 Initiatives move forward.  Thanks to these and other volunteers for working diligently to allow all residents an opportunity to voice their opinion at the ballot box.

Loveland residents - To move these issues forward:

1) Sign up to help!  Collect signatures to have the initiative placed on the ballot.

2) Register to vote via State Link (button to the right) or at:
      Clermont County Resident:
      Hamilton County Resident:
      Warren County Resident:
3) Show up and vote November 7, 2017!